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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 1%
$30 the discount is 2%
$80 the discount is 5%
$150 the discount is 7%
$200 the discount is 10%
$300 the discount is 12%
$500 the discount is 20%
attentionNew account, without game statistics Online.
Rank - 0 / RP - 0 / Time In Game - 00.00.00 / The money in the account - in different ways ($ 0 (the majority) or $ 700k)
There are some achievements in the scene (offline) mode
On all accounts, without exception, is available data change
Most accounts Email - not confirmed

When purchase, you get an account to Social Club account by RockStar Games purchased from the game Grand Theft Auto V Online
You only need to change the login details for your (write them down), and download the game.
This is not a Steam account. This is not an activation key. This is not a photo activation key.

When buying this product, make sure that you read the instructions and know what to do after receiving the goods.
This product is available in the form Mail:Pass or Nick:pass (accidental falls, which you fall - the role does not change, the accounts can not be distinguished)

Absolutely all accounts, immediately after payment for the goods you - check out the screenshots and save health.
It is not recommend to try to deceive me. Try? - I add you to the black list of customers and the report to the administration to fully lock.

Play Online
➊ Go to the profile link
Be sure to change your login information: Email, password, and Nick-name (login)
Mail Change
Change Password
Change login (1 every 365 days)
➋ Download the game launcher can immediately
➌ You set the game launcher, enter your data below and starts loading the game
➍ Play Online mode, or in the scene (of your choice).

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Required Reading:
• Access to e-mail is not available
• After purchasing responsibility for the account goes only to you.
• After purchase, it is desirable to change the login details: Email, password, Nick-name
• Change all data carries the buyer.
21.09.2017 19:32:34
Good i get replace
21.09.2017 19:25:42
21.09.2017 15:32:18
replaced account
13.09.2017 20:09:14
Продавец отзывчивый, всегда поможет решить проблему
(Все аккаунты вернули)
14.08.2017 12:10:38
Продавец отзывчевый!
11.08.2017 22:54:36
оо все хорошо спасибо)\
31.07.2017 1:37:36
Good seller
09.07.2017 6:54:39
26.06.2017 22:29:28
22.06.2017 0:44:37

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