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✅ Secret answer for changing mail to yours.
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❎ No refund, only a replacement if the account is invalid when you buy.
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1) Download and install the ORIGIN client
2) Enter the Origin customer.
3) Change data (secret answer, mail, password).
4) Download the game. Play !!!

All accounts with licensed games.
On the account, as a bonus, there may be other games.
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1. Shop provides you immediately after payment account. All accounts have the form - login @ domen: password. Data from the system Origin.

2. After you purchase an account, his fate is entirely on your shoulders.
3. If the account that you bought is not valid (not suitable login: password), then immediately (within 10 minutes) write a message through the "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment of the goods). Not to be confused with the form of a review!

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Good game!

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15.09.2017 16:58:06
Account hacked 2 months later but seller gave me a new account. Really thanks.
22.08.2017 21:34:05
Всё хорошо, за 20 минут продавец заменил мне 2 аккаунта.(Не заходил)
Всё сменил, всё заебись!
03.08.2017 18:49:12
18.06.2017 23:03:41
11.06.2017 16:10:17
все работает
03.06.2017 9:39:41
все отлично!
02.06.2017 12:26:17
Всё ОК!
23.05.2017 22:03:32
Здравствуйте! всё отлично как и писали коды пришли быстро. Вот только не очень понятно как сменить почту и при выборе установки нельзя выбрать русский язык. Как исправить?
18.05.2017 19:11:24
спасибо!акк пришел моментально пароль поменял всё норм)))
16.05.2017 22:28:28
Rly friendly and changed account cause it was locked, great work seller! :)